Why designer pieces can be the next big thing for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs must be at the forefront of innovation to be successful. This doesn’t just apply to their product or service, but to their business strategy, the tools they use, and even their business structure. Most entrepreneurs do not inherit the advantages of long-standing businesses, such as the structure or routine of the workplace. Instead, they must build their businesses from scratch. It is therefore essential that entrepreneurs stay on top of trends and new ideas so that they can bring the most value to their fledgling businesses.

For entrepreneurs in the content space, perhaps entertainment companies, bloggers, designers and public figures, building a social network is essential. This is not new information. We understand that social presence is directly related to thought leadership, which can have a significant impact on how your business is viewed and how you reach new customers.

Social media monetization standing up

A new kind of social strategy emerged in 2021: Bitcoin meets social media. The BitClout social media platform combines the allure of Bitcoin investing with the success of popular social media profiles. In a nutshell, users can monetize their social followers by offering them a single Bitcoin for sale. When their supporters buy this coin, its value increases. Users with many followers, or larger incentives for their followers, will ultimately earn a higher rating.

Entrepreneurs and brothers Jordan, Luke and Jackson Lintz, founders of a celebrity branding company HighKey Companies, have combined their brand success on social media with this new Bitcoin model. Under the aforementioned BitClout social platform, HighKey Coin is a “creator coin,” that type of coin for content creators (like the Lintz brothers’ company) to monetize their subscribers.

Social media monetization will transform our understanding of content and entrepreneurship because, instead of content-driven brands making a living from sponsorships or ads, their business is valued by the stand-alone content they create. and their ability to attract an audience. Social media has become a more powerful tool in establishing brand success than we ever imagined.

Cryptocurrency allows consumers to invest in your brand

Cryptocurrency and social media models like BitClout allow consumers to invest in brands they like even if they’re not state-owned companies, and even though investors don’t have thousands of dollars. While the platform is still in development, the model rings true: consumers want more access to the brands they love. They want to participate. This is a critical intersection for content-driven brands, as it gives them a new way to monetize their creations while providing another opportunity to reach customers.

The Lintz brothers believe this is the future of social media marketing. With their experience in managing influencers and trendsetters on social networks, the brothers have noticed a change in consumer behavior (or followers): they want to interact and contribute to the work of their favorite brands. Investing in cryptocurrency will make this possible and create a new kind of commerce for content-driven brands. It is certainly a trend worth considering.

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