Want to be more popular on social media? Try to do these simple things

Have you ever noticed that social media tends to reflect real life?

There are a lot of helpful and kind people lurking in the digital realm, which I proved to myself when I post a question on Twitter and watch followers offer helpful tips and advice. You may have noticed that there are plenty of nasty trolls in real life and online as well.

You may be wondering how you can demonstrate that you are one of the nice people. Of course, avoiding constant criticism can help. Not engaging in heated conversations, pointing out what others are doing wrong, or making fun of them can also help.

These tips are meant to help you become more popular on social media, gain a few new followers, and maybe even make real friends on virtual platforms.

1. Ask people questions in the chat

Things that work well in real life tend to work in virtual space as well. When you ask people questions about themselves, you show that you care about that person. On social media, it works the same way. How many kids do you have? What have you been working on lately? When we do this in a chat or even in public in a comment or post, it means that we are not just in our own bubble, but want to enter someone else’s bubble. It makes you more sympathetic because, to begin with, no one likes a selfish person. Most of the time, we all tend to like those who express interest in what we do for a living.

2. Promote others

Too often, especially in business, we tend to publish our own accomplishments. We announce a new product or we brag about a new hire. It’s human nature, but on social media it’s important to fight this trend. Instead, choose to promote what others are doing and saying. If someone made a big announcement, go ahead and create your own post about it. People like to know when we notice them. If you promote others, they might do the same for you. In terms of social media sympathy, we tend to look to those who have less to say about themselves and more to say about others.

3. Add to the conversation someone else started

Comments are one of the most common ways to build an audience. As I mentioned, constantly trumpeting your own efforts doesn’t work. If you add something insightful and useful to another person’s post, you might get a few new subscribers. Why is that? For starters, it means people know you’re a social media contributor. You are probably going to comment on one of their posts and not just brag about it. Also, if you comment on an influencer post, it’s much more likely that someone will see your comment. In the end, this idea of ​​commenting on what others are doing makes you more likable. You’re not just brewing your content on yourself. You join others in a shared experience.

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