WAEC concerned about malicious website activities

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) expressed concern over the activities of website thieves during the West Africa Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) taking place in May/June 2022.

Moyosola Adeyegbe, the acting head of public affairs at WAEC, in a statement condemned the students, their parents and the website scammers for subverting due process of academic excellence.

She called on stakeholders and the general public not to be aware of the unpleasant activities committed by dishonest people in the conduct of WASSCE 2022.

“The board is aware of the operations of these despicable individuals, especially the rogue website operators, who are determined to sabotage the noble efforts and practical arrangements put in place by WAEC to ensure the smooth running of the exam.

“The council is also aware that these individuals perpetuate their despicable acts through various social media platforms, such as blogs, Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram,” Adeyegbe noted.

Furthermore, Adeyegbe pointed out that these disloyal citizens tend to view the WASSCE and other exams as a business venture and a way to earn money; therefore, they deceive innocent and gullible students and their parents.

She said exam cheats lure students and their parents by recommending shortcuts to passing exams, such as telling them that WAEC questions can be viewed before the due date.

“This is nothing but a lie from the abyss of hell. Please, for the avoidance of doubt and for the benefit of the general public, this is not true.

“The board works hard to put strong security measures in place to protect the integrity of its test items. Unfortunately, some contestants have fallen prey to the “trash” served up on these rogue platforms. They no longer read their books because of the promise of access to “WAEC Questions!” “It’s a very sad and dangerous development,” she noted.

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The WAEC spokesperson reiterated that the council assures the general public that website thieves will not go unpunished, “the council will stop at nothing to ensure that the fight against this societal evil is won at all costs” .

She commended the Nigerian Police for their strong collaboration in this regard in tackling this ugly development.

Adeyegbe then encouraged the students to work hard as there is no shortcut to passing exams. She warned the students that any of them caught in the act would be sanctioned appropriately as approved by the Nigeria Examinations Committee (NEC), the highest decision-making body of the WAEC on matters related to examinations. .

“It will be painful to spend 6 years in high school and not have results to show for your learning and your efforts,” she warned.