These apps and websites help to file Itr for free

Filing tax returns is a mandatory exercise every year. Filing an ITR can seem like a daunting task, especially for those who are doing it for the first time. However, over the years, filing for RTI has been simplified using online tools and applications. The deadline for filing tax returns for the year 2021-22 has been extended until July 31, 2022. Here are some apps and websites that help you file your ITR for free.

1. All India ITR (App)

All-India ITR app is a government certified e-intermediary. It offers a complete paperless process for your ITR and is available for Android and iOS.

You can simply upload the images or PDF files of your Form 16 and other required documents. The system will automatically read the information and the forms will be filled automatically without any problem.

2. EZ Tax

EZTax is a self-service electronic tax return portal. EZTax allows you to file your tax returns in 7 minutes by simply creating an account and uploading the documents along with the other necessary information. You also have the option of paying and consulting a professional for filing your taxes.

3. My return

Myitreturn is a registered eRI of the Income Tax Department of India. The website allows you to get ITR-V recognition in 10 minutes. You just need to answer a few questions related to your income, provide the necessary documents and information, upload Form 16 and your return will be automatically prepared. You can view your return and file quickly.


Tax2win is another e-filing portal that allows you to self-file your ITR for free. Simply log in or create a new account, select your sources of income, provide the necessary details or download Form 16, choose between the old and new tax regime and file your income tax. income online. You will also receive a confirmation from the IT department.

(Edited by : Sudarsanan Mani)