TheBus and Handi-Van websites remain offline following cyberattack

TheBus and TheHandi-Van websites and real-time GPS vehicle information for both remain offline today and the city suffered a second cyberattack on Sunday evening that disabled the Board of Water Supply’s timing system.

The TheBus and TheHandi-Van websites, as well as the Real-time GPS vehicle information websites HEA for TheBus and EVA TheHandi-Van, remain offline. The Transit and DaBus mobile apps instead report scheduled data, but not real-time locations, deputy director of the city’s transportation services department, Jon Nouchi, told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser this afternoon.

HOLO cards do not work, but riders are encouraged to show them to the driver and touch them as usual.

“OTS restored the most critical operating networks to keep TheBus and TheHandi-Van running smoothly. We are meticulously rebuilding and reconfiguring all user servers and workstations to ensure that there is no trace of the attack before bringing networks back online, ”Nouchi said. “Pending reasonable security checks and acceptable security guarantees on the OTS network, we will restore the HOLO card system and work towards a full restoration of all regular network services with an emphasis on security, risk and prudence. At this time, we believe that no personal or financial information has been compromised. We apologize for any inconvenience caused to our passengers. “

Speaking to the Star-Advertiser’s “Spotlight Hawaii” livestream this morning, Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi said he was told this morning of a “flare” of similar cyber attacks occurring across the country .

At least a half-dozen ransomware and network intrusion attacks impacted online scheduling applications for bus, train, and paratransit services across the country this year, including in New York City, Santa Clara and Ann Arbor Michigan.

“We had another one this morning on something else that happened,” Blangiardi said on Spotlight. “We have not received any ransom demands. … We do everything we can (to restore and secure online operating systems).

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, the Honolulu Police Department, and the U.S. Secret Service are investigating the ransomware attack that continues to cripple Oahu Transit Service systems. The FBI is providing resources to resolve the intrusion at OTS, the agency said in a press release on Sunday.

“The investigation is continuing and no further information is released at this time,” HPD spokeswoman Michelle Yu said today, referring to the attack on TheBus.

On Sunday evening, the Board of Water Supply was informed that a ransomware attack had hit Kronos Private Cloud services, which include BWS ‘Kronos Workforce timing system. The BWS immediately closed all access to Kronos.

Kronos’ parent company UKG has taken immediate action to investigate the issue, according to a press release. At this time, BWS customers are not affected by this incident but “out of caution,” BWS advises its employees to check their credit reports and be aware of any unusual or unauthorized activity, according to the press release. hurry.

It is not immediately known whether the HPD and the FBI are investigating the BWS cyberattack.