The world needs decentralized social media and Floyx is here for you

Today, most of us use social media to some extent or at least understand how it works; you set up an account on a platform and then post content or interact with other people’s content. Social media has been an integral part of human life for the past few years, from politics to entertainment.

Despite all the benefits we have learned from social media, they certainly have their downsides, the biggest of which relates to user data. Again, most of us know how social media works and that means knowing, on some level, that our data is controlled.

When you register on a social media platform, you hand over some of your data, including sensitive information provided during login or posted on the site itself. The controversy lies in how the site uses this data.

It is very possible that it will be sold to advertisers or used to create targeted advertisements for you both on and off the platform. Social media users have suspected this for years, and incidents like the Cambridge Analytica scandal have all but confirmed it.

Then there is the issue of your account possibly being deleted. At first, the setup was that users would only have their accounts deleted if they posted illegal content. Now, it is common for social media users to have their account banned for posting politically incorrect content that is not actually illegal.

This is all the result of centralized social media platforms that focus on monetization by all means. Internet users have grown tired of the actions of this type of sites and this has resulted in a demand for decentralized social media, which floyx is here to deliver.

What is Floyx

Simply put, Floyx is a social media platform that allows users to connect with each other and share content. At first glance, it looks like every other social media platform in the world, but Floyx has a little something extra.

Leveraging the power of blockchain technology, Floyx is a fully decentralized platform. This means that not only is user data not stored on a centralized platform, but users’ online identities are safe from improper deletion.

Unlike a centralized social media platform, user data is not kept in a single database or on a single server. This means that the site is less prone to attacks and hacks. If the database of a major social media platform were attacked, the information of millions of users would be immediately compromised.

Floyx users don’t just need to hope that their data is secure, as it relies on a decentralized system that puts every user in control of their data. In the physical and virtual sense, user data is scattered all over the world and there is no central mass that can be attacked.

Floyx has also taken drastic measures to ensure that users’ place on the platform is secure. It’s not uncommon for social media users to wake up and find that their accounts have been deleted by the sites they use. Since Floyx user data is decentralized to this degree, this does not happen.

At the same time, certain precautions have been put in place to ensure that illegal or even harmful content is not freely distributed on the site. These include a reputation system, which is the basis for designations for published content. It is the community that decides which content breaks the law and should be placed out of public view in a separate category. This means that any user browsing Floyx will not have to deal with toxic and negative site users.

Finally, the users of the site will have a say in its development. Using a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), users can make suggestions on new features and changes to the site and can also vote for potential ones.

A decentralized landscape

The old centralized way of social media may have formed the basis of what we know now, but its flaws are too great to ignore. From centralized data storage that is a time bomb to systematic account deletion that borders on censorship, the social media experience is tainted for everyone.

This is why the entire Floyx setup addresses these core concerns and solves them with blockchain. By giving the user full control of their online presence and data, Floyx provides them with an experience that is both authentic and more secure.

Posted May 8, 2022