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NEW YORK, August 3, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Mulberry, the people-focused product protection company, today announced its latest offering, MulberryCare, the first-ever free crash protection program available to online shoppers.

With MulberryCare, shoppers can now enjoy 12 months of free protection against product defects, drops, spills, stains and more on their purchases wherever they shop online. If something goes wrong during their year of protection under MulberryCare, customers can easily file a claim in minutes through Mulberry’s online dashboard and have their product repaired, replaced or refunded, with no deductibles or hidden charges. . MulberryCare coverage is available for several product categories including home appliances, furniture, electronics and more.

“While most products come with manufacturer warranties, this coverage tends to be limited to a very specific set of product defects,” said Chinedu Eleanya, CEO of Mulberry. “When buyers are able to purchase more comprehensive accident protection, which is not available from the majority of online retailers, there can still be significant price barriers to obtaining this high quality coverage. MulberryCare is the very first solution that gives buyers the accident protection they want for free. We’re excited to give every online shopper the confidence to make larger purchases and feel comfortable that their products will last. ”

According to a consumer survey conducted by Mulberry in February 2021, 44% of consumers who wanted to add product protection beyond the manufacturer’s warranty felt the available options were too expensive. Another recent consumer survey, from June 2021, found that 43% regretted not having subscribed to a product protection plan.

To get MulberryCare offers on their purchases, shoppers can download Mulberry’s new browser extension. When enabled, the extension automatically identifies when shoppers are looking for a MulberryCare eligible product and allows them to add protection to their purchase with just a few clicks. From there, buyers can activate their coverage with one-click confirmation in their Mulberry dashboard. Once they receive their product, their year of free coverage begins.

Free crash protection through MulberryCare is backed by Mulberry’s highly rated digital claims process and a 24/7 US-based support team. Plus, each active Mulberry plan can be managed within a single customer portal, meaning buyers no longer have to deal with a multitude of different manufacturers, retailers and warranty providers. If there is a problem with a covered product in their household, Mulberry customers can always go directly to their Mulberry portal for assistance.

Customers also have the option of purchasing longer term MulberryCare plans at the lowest rates in the market, guaranteed. Mulberry is able to significantly reduce the cost of product protection by streamlining the supply chain, offering buyers plans created, supported and maintained in-house by Mulberry. This eliminates many of the mark-ups and fees associated with various third-party components, such as underwriters and administrators, which are traditionally involved in implementing product protection plans.

The Mulberry browser extension is currently available to Google Chrome users directly from the Chrome store. Extensions will be developed for other web browsers in the future. To learn more about MulberryCare and to install the browser extension, visit

Direct-to-consumer brands can continue to integrate Mulberry protection plans into their websites and stores. Mulberry Product Protection Plans are available for purchase from these select retail partners including Hayneedle, Pier 1, Breville and Mirror.

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Mulberry creates a better product protection experience for buyers and brands. Mulberry’s people-focused platform offers affordable plans, better coverage, and a great claims experience for online shoppers. Buyers can get 12 months of free MulberryCare crash protection wherever they shop online with the Mulberry browser extension available in the Google Chrome store. Mulberry also offers flexible integration options allowing brands to integrate protection plan offerings seamlessly into their customer journey, thereby increasing customer engagement and average order value. Join the hundreds of thousands of customers already benefiting from Mulberry plans or learn more about Mulberry’s Product Protection Platform at

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