The 7 best websites to simplify appointment scheduling

If you have frequent appointments and meetings, planning them can be time consuming. This is especially true for remote workers or the self-employed who work with people in different time zones and locations.

By automating this one-time task, you can save a lot of time, avoid email exchanges, and optimize your workday. So here we list seven handy websites and apps that can make scheduling appointments and meetings easier. makes managing appointments easy and hassle-free. It offers a standalone booking website, your personal booking management app, and booking widgets to add to your website.

Thanks to integrations with apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Google My Business, you can accept bookings through multiple channels. To make sure you don’t miss an appointment, sends notifications for reservations, reschedules, cancellations, and reminders.

Other features include coupons and gift cards, a waitlist, customizable emails, and templates. is a great option for freelancers who work with international clients as it supports multiple languages ​​and payment options. It offers four subscription plans, one of which is free.

To download: for Android | iOS (free)

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When you are working alone, it is difficult to manage time for other administrative tasks. So Calendly works as a personal assistant for lone workers, arranging meetings and appointments.

With Calendly, you can set up personalized reminders, follow-up messages, and surveys. Calendly allows you to integrate meeting platforms like Zoom to further reduce administrative tasks.

Additionally, you can receive payments through PayPal or Stripe at the time of booking. Its free version allows you to schedule unlimited meetings, but only connects one calendar.

To download: Calendly for Android | iOS (free, paid)

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With Setmore, you can create your personalized booking page with your services and availability in real time. There is an option to add a booking widget to your website.

Setmore has a handy dashboard that gives you an overview of your weekly appointments, income and activities. It also offers one-click integration with Zoom and Teleport, advance payments and automated reminders.

In addition to one-on-one meetings, you can schedule group meetings such as webinars or classes. The best part about Setmore is that it allows integrations with tons of useful apps to streamline your workflow.

As the free version supports unlimited appointments and up to four users, this is a good option for micro agencies. Setmore offers mobile and desktop apps, as well as a web app.

To download: Setmore for Android | iOS (free)

Appointlet aims to allow you to schedule your meetings without “ping-pong email”. To schedule an appointment, you must first set your availability. Then you can share your personalized schedule link or embed it in your emails or website. Your participants can then consult your available time slots and book one of them.

For online meetings, Appointlet offers integration with video conferencing applications such as Zoom, Webex, and Meet. You can connect your calendar to sync data and receive payments through Stripe. Setmore allows you to configure multiple booking pages for different languages, locations and form fields.

Plus, you can keep a buffer between meetings to give yourself a break. As Appointlet offers a generous free plan, it’s best for freelancers or remote workers who are just starting out and can’t invest much.

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A product of Squarespace, Acuity Scheduling is another software you can use to manage your meetings and reservations. Acuity Scheduling has an easy to use interface that makes scheduling appointments easy.

Because it displays your availability in real time and synchronizes the calendar according to time zones, your customers can easily schedule meetings. It gives you a ton of customization options like displaying your logos, changing your planner colors, and customizing your intake forms. You can also book group classes here, so it’s a great choice for online instructors.

To streamline payment processing and video conferencing, Acuity Scheduling offers integrations with multiple applications. Additionally, you can set scheduling limits for clients, prohibiting them from reserving, rescheduling, or canceling at the eleventh hour.

Acuity Scheduling doesn’t have a free plan, but does offer a range of features and a seven-day free trial. So if you want lots of customization options, Acuity Scheduling is the best appointment management software for you.

To download: Acuity Planning for Android | iOS (Prices start at $ 14 / month)

Square Appointments is distinguished by its integrated point of sale system with multiple features. It creates a personal planning website that you can customize.

While this will reduce no-shows by sending automated reminders, you can charge a no-show fee if the person doesn’t show up. You can also specify a cancellation policy to avoid last minute cancellations. It allows you to integrate your calendars, productivity software and payment applications.

Another notable feature is Square Assistant, a smart messaging tool that automatically replies to your customers. You can sync calendars across multiple locations and time zones. Since it’s free for individuals, it’s a great choice for freelancers and solopreneurs who need multiple methods of receiving payments.

To download: Appointment Square Android | iOS (free)

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Picktime offers a streamlined appointment booking experience, both for you and your guests. It is completely free software for managing reservations, receiving payments, invoicing and creating reports.

After you’ve created your booking page and rules, your customers can visit the page and schedule appointments at any time. You can synchronize all your calendars to avoid conflicts. Integration with payment processors allows you to request a partial deposit or full payment in advance.

For online meetings, you can set up meetings in Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams right from the app. In addition, it also allows bookings for courses and memberships.

Besides reminders and time zone conversion, it provides insightful reports and charts to give you insight into your schedule and income. Better yet, you can visit the help pages to see exactly how Picktime can help different people and businesses. At the moment, Picktime is completely free, but may soon receive paid plans and add-ons.

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