Tech startup BIZZO launches GoMahabaleshwar microsite to empower local travel and tourism businesses

For consumers and travellers, the GoMahabaleshwar microsite will be a one-stop destination to book all their travel needs and related services in the bustling tourist city. And for small independent service businesses, it represents a unique opportunity to gain visibility and collect bookings through an aggregator-free platform. By GoMahabaleshwarBizzo aims to foster trust and atmanirbhar community where local businesses compete and collaborate.

The initiative was carried out with the cooperation of local associations such as Mahabaleshwar Taxi Union, Association of Resorts and Hotels, local tourism authorities and farm stay groups. These collaborations have ensured that the growth of the local travel tourism ecosystem is fostered by digitalization and that there is ease of consumption of services.

Commenting on the launch of the GoMahabaleshwar microsite, Viineit Toshniiwal, CEO and Founder of Bizzo said, “Mahabaleshwar-Panchgani is one of the largest tourist hubs in Maharashtra, however, more often than not, small independent businesses in these regions have had to rely on aggregators to establish a digital presence. But not anymore, thanks to the Bizzo microsite, we managed to digitize all the services and managed to bring together the entire travel-tourism and hospitality sector of the city on a single QR Code. The Bizzo microsite will be a one-of-a-kind portal owned and operated by the local business. This will create a positive digital impact that will allow customers to connect directly with local businesses.”

“Whether you are looking for hotels or villas, taxis or karting, adventure sports or theme parks – Bizzo has something for everyone. The microsite allows users to access all services and reservations of Mahabaleshwar with just a few clicks. So with GoMahabaleshwar we aim to put Mahabaleshwar on the map as india first Digi Tourism City where all services are available online,” added Toshniiwal.

Currently, Bizzo has a network of 20,000 independent small businesses across India. Additionally, dozens of hotel businesses in Varanasi, Jaipur, Uttarakhand, Rishikesh, Haridwar, Udaipur, Bombay, PuneMahabaleswar, bangalore and Mysore have also shown interest in their services. By 2023, Bizzo plans to add 2 million merchants nationwide to its network and launch more microsites like Go VaranasiGo Mysore, Go Pune etc. Thus, helping SMEs through India to digitally build, scale and organize their businesses, and free themselves from the grip of aggregators.

About Bizzo

Founded in 2021 with headquarters in Bombay, Bizzo is focused on empowering millions of service providers to build, scale and organize their businesses digitally. Created with the sole purpose of helping small and medium service providers circumvent the growing monopoly of aggregators, Bizzo aims to empower them so they can connect directly with their customers. Bizzo achieves this by helping entrepreneurs build their sophisticated booking portal that can help automate taking bookings 24/7 and ensure that a booking-related query is never missed.