Specialty coffee roaster launches new websites

A Shropshire-based specialty coffee roaster, which has seen its wholesale and consumer business boom over the past two years, has unveiled dedicated websites to serve each distinct customer base. The move comes as it forecasts a 70% growth in its customer base over the next 12 months.

Kevin Burrows, founder of Iron & Fire

Iron & Fire, which has a state-of-the-art roasting facility based in Castle Gates, Shrewsbury, has been established since 2014 and business has grown steadily ever since with commercial customers across the UK. However, its direct-to-consumer business has tripled in size since the pandemic began and continues to see widespread adoption of its subscription services.

Iron & Fire Founder Kevin Burrows comments: “When Covid forced people to create the experience of ‘going out’ at home, it positively impacted our coffee business in a way similar to that experienced by home catering services. Unable to go to their local coffee shop, our consumer customers still wanted to enjoy quality coffee and turned to our coffee subscriptions.

“Having more time at home to experiment meant that the home barista broadened their appreciation of specialty coffee, trying coffees they wouldn’t normally get the chance to taste in a conventional coffee shop.

“And once you’ve tasted Iron & Fire’s coffee, there’s no turning back, so we’ve seen these customers stay with us and they’re clearly spreading the word as this part of the business continues to grow.We believe that drinking good coffee is an experience to be enjoyed and we have translated this into the experience when visiting the new website.

Iron & Fire’s new consumer-facing website offers shoppers the option of buying coffee on a one-time basis or signing up for a fully flexible subscription and savings service. Significantly, for less seasoned coffee lovers, it provides an intuitive guide based on personal taste preferences, brewing method, and a range of other metrics to present a range of ideal buying options.

Iron & Fire’s wholesale business, meanwhile, has doubled in the past two years and business customers now benefit from a dedicated site that not only provides them with a bespoke ordering portal, but also access to coffee machine care and maintenance options, tips on how to start a new coffee business, and barista training videos.

Kevin concludes: “The passion we put into our coffee is something we want our customers to share, but we have recognized that different customers have different needs. Separating the website experiences for business customers and consumers allows us to provide a truly tailored experience for everyone and the feedback so far has been very positive.