Southern counties open online portals to report COVID home tests

BINGHAMTON, NY (WSKG) – This week, many counties in New York’s Southern Tier rolled out online portals for residents to report COVID-19 home test results. Residents who test positive can also get isolation and quarantine orders to give to their employers.

This coincides with the announcement that most county health departments will move away from contact tracing, due to the winter upsurge in COVID cases and the highly contagious variant of omicron.

Chemung County Public Health Director Pete Buzzetti said that with such a high number of cases, there was a backlog of cases to investigate. Some residents waited more than a week to hear from the health service.

Pete Buzzetti, director of public health for Chemung County. (Megan Zerez / WSKG)

“And now, with the five-day isolation period, we don’t want to let people hang around to get these papers, so to go back to work, so the kids can go back to school,” Buzzetti said.

With the online tool, residents can go to the Chemung County website and easily fill out a form to receive the necessary documents. Buzzetti said the Chemung County portal works on mobile devices and is HIPPA compliant.

Buzzetti said residents will be asked what type of COVID test they used and if they are showing symptoms. They will also need to upload a photo of their positive test results.

Then people will receive an email with their isolation documents and further instructions. Buzzetti said to call the health department if you need help with the form or if you don’t have internet access.

Broome County Public Health Director Mary McFadden said the county’s online forms are straightforward and easy to use.

“They do everything, they get an automatic isolation notice, and then they’ll get an automatic release generated if they feel better, and everything is as it should be in five days,” McFadden said.

The whole process should take about five to seven minutes. People who test positive using home tests or at the Broome County Rapid Test site should be sure to report their results.

She said above all that residents should continue to stay at home if they are sick, whether they are using the gate or not.

Negative tests do not need to be reported. Each county has its own portal, so residents must go to their county’s website to complete their forms and report their results.

Click on your county to access its COVID-19 self-report portal and documentation on isolation orders: