Skittles Wins Twitter’s ‘Brand Bracket’ Contest for 2022

Twitter’s 2022 “Brand Bracket” competition is now over, with Skittles taking home the top prize after beating various other brands in head-to-head polls on their way to victory.

Twitter’s Brand Bracket promotion is tied to the NCAA Final Four tournament, pitting Twitter’s brand presences against each other in its own Tournament of Tweet Champions.

As you can see here, each brand was matched against others in the bracket format, Twitter users were then asked about head-to-head in each round, which ultimately saw Skittles beats @Wendy’s notoriously quick-witted account for brand supremacy on Twitter.

So what’s so good about @Skittles account?

Skittles’ social media team is pretty much in tune with general web trends and uses them in their tweets, tapping into popular topics.

For example, @Skittles shared this at the height of the hype around Netflix documentary ‘The Tinder Swindler’.

Skittles is also looking to connect with popular fandoms, with references and jokes to help bolster its appeal to niche communities.

Although it is also related to the most popular trends.

He also has his own memes going on, with his back and forth on Lime Skittles being his most popular joke.

Really, Skittles takes a somewhat similar approach to Wendy’s, aligning with key web trends and changes, and adding its own take. Some of them get it, some don’t, but Skittles’ social media team clearly has a good idea of ​​what’s going on online – which is probably the biggest takeaway for brands looking to better understand how to increase the appeal of your tweet, at least with respect. to win Twitter’s Brand Bracket contest.

The real question, of course, is whether such efforts drive sales, and only Skittles would know. But certainly, this approach helps to increase discussions and chatter around the brand, build brand awareness and maximize engagement in the app.

This could be a valuable approach, and the key is hiring social media managers who truly understand the online landscape and know how to translate trends in an authentic, brand-aligned way – without appearing grumpy.

@Skittles is a good example of this, and it’s no big surprise to see him win Twitter’s second Brand Bracket event.