Popular Tequila Tasting Event Returns to El Portal Restaurant – Pasadena Weekendr

May better times pour forth! A sorely missed and popular event is back at El Portal restaurant in Pasadena.

The restaurant’s 22nd annual “Tequila Tasting” – which took a three-year nap during the pandemic – came back to life on Thursday as more than a hundred crowded the El Portal patio to sample tequila blends made by more than 30 manufacturers, distributors and producers of the cactus drink.

“It’s such a big event, and I’m so happy that so many of our old friends and new friends have returned,” said El Portal owner Abel Ramirez, who circulated among the guests, hooked by all the other participants and friends who wanted a photo or just a chance to say hello again.

“I’m so happy to be here again,” said Sylvia Bermudez de Duarte, who came with work friends. “It seems a lot longer than those three years.”

Ramirez knows a thing or two about tequila.

“Tequilas don’t need to be aged very long, but older ones are milder. We prefer to drink it neat,” Ramirez said earlier. Most tequilas are served cold or in a chilled shot glass when not in a margarita.

Ramirez describes tequila tasting as a celebration of tequila and Mexican cuisine. The outdoor event included music and appetizers.

El Portal will also host an “El Grito” Mexican Independence Day celebration on Thursday, September 15. The event will feature Pasadena Mayor Victor Gordo acting as a guest bartender and pouring his own special Margarita blend, which Ramirez has officially dubbed “The Alcalde.” Margarita.”

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