Paradigm Invests $1.2 Billion in Solana Ghost App (SOL) and HUH Token Surges Over 50% in 24 Hours

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The crypto market seems to be recovering from its downtrend from the start of the year and the crypto sphere is all too relieved. The market fun and thrill has returned once again and it seems to have returned to that time of year when major investments and bullish trends are sprinkled across the cryptocurrency market.

Solana ($SOL) and HUH Token ($HUH) see the rewards of a growing bull market and for this reason it is only fair to discuss what these two cryptos have achieved over the past few weeks and what their stocks could achieve and spell for the weeks to come.

There seems to be a profitable year ahead for crypto enthusiasts, and part of that could be thanks to Solana ($SOL) and HUH Token ($HUH)… Let’s see why.

The sun shines on Solana (SOL)

It appears that Solana ($SOL) is quickly becoming one of the most sought after cryptos on the market, as of this writing, and for this reason it is easy to see why the crypto has been rewarded with investment $1.2 billion from San Francisco law firm Paradigm.

Paradigm thinks crypto/web3 is the future of all investment and human development exploration… where there used to be a wired phone to now a smart phone that takes pictures and responds… Paradigm seems to know that crypto is where the future will take place.

This idea is not only reserved for Paradigm, many large investment or financial companies are looking to blockchain for the future of money and commerce, however, it seems that Solana ($SOL) has been chosen by the company in search of disruptive crypto.

Crypto investors, especially in the currency ($SOL), are more than excited about this injection of investment funds because it means Solana could be one of the highest earning cryptocurrencies this year…in fact , Solana ($SOL) is already up 4.64% since news broke about the Solana paradigm and moment.

You could be involved with Solana ($SOL) as it grows and be there when the crypto reaches the other side!

Green color rain for HUH token holders

HUH Token ($HUH) was launched with hundreds of influencers last week and will launch its play-to-win game during this month…these two events prove something important and that’s how HUH Token ( $HUH) understands the world of crypto and what is important to crypto investors.

For example, due to the influencer launch, the HUH ($HUH) token grew over 50% in the first 24 hours and HUH holders were beyond thrilled.

This means that large increases in value could be imminent for holders of HUH ($HUH) tokens when releasing their game to win… which, as the token ages, could see the same type of investment in the whales than Solana ($SOL) and additional recognition from external parties like Paradigm who are always looking for the next Phantom app (powered by Solana).

If you want to learn more about how HUH Token ($HUH) and Solana ($SOL) could help you, you can visit the links below or the personal crypto websites in this article for more information.

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