NHS Digital and NHSX embark on digital reorganization • The Register

The UK Health Secretary has confirmed the demise of NHS Digital and NHSX, organizations that play various roles in NHS IT strategy and execution.

In an internal email seen by The registerMatthew Gould, CEO of NHSX, said his organization, along with NHS Digital, would be part of the NHS England Transformation Directorate, a move that he said “would allow the NHS to drive digital and data-centric data. people. motivated vision for which we advocated. “

“The NHSX and NHS Digital brands will both be phased out, to underline the unique, united approach to digital transformation that the NHS will now take, and the need for organizational clarity and simplicity in how it moves this agenda forward.” , did he declare.

The email says Laura Wade-Gery, former chief executive of Tesco.com, conducted an NHS IT strategy review that recommended a more cohesive approach to digital transformation.

Gould said the NHSX “is currently agreeing on the timetable” with NHS England to determine the movement of staff to the new organization.

NHS England & NHS Improvement, to give it its full name, runs the National Health Service in England and is the main interface between the organization and the government, crucially paying trusts and GP practices.

Last week, Health Secretary Sajid Javid reported a reshuffle in the IT bodies of the health services. Speaking at a conference for NHS healthcare providers, Javid said: ‘While we have seen phenomenal work on digital transformation during this pandemic from so many people, it seems strange to me that the digital leadership is currently split between NHSE, NHSX and NHS Digital. “

The Ministry of Health and Social Affairs has been asked to confirm the changes and provide a statement.

The decision to cut two digital agencies follows a £ 2.1bn cash injection from the Treasury, which over the next three years promises to “support the innovative use of digital technology so that hospitals and others care organizations are as connected and efficient as possible, ”according to the fall statement.

The lack of clarity on NHS IT strategy and management had been pointed out by the National Audit Office (NAO) spending watchdog. Before the most recent changes, three organizations had been involved.

NHS England & NHS Improvement was responsible for IT strategy and approved projects where the capital cost exceeded £ 15million. NHS Digital was the main national body responsible for implementing this strategy. Then, in 2019, the Department of Health launched the NHSX to ‘lead digital transformation in the NHS’.

“The national governance arrangements for digital transformation remain confused, despite attempts to clarify them,” the NAO report said in May 2020.

NHS Digital got mired in a battle for GP data access in a project that gave patients little time to understand their data rights and make decisions about how their information medical conditions are treated. Data mining plans under the General Practice Data for Planning and Research (GPDPR) project are currently on hold following backlash from general practitioners. ®