Mayor’s Commission on Climate Change | City of Norfolk, Virginia

In 2017, Mayor Kenneth Alexander signed the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy. By signing this pledge, the city has agreed to establish a climate change mitigation and adaptation plan. To advise the city on a climate action plan, the city council unanimously created the Mayor’s Advisory Commission on Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in 2018. The commission is made up of experts, advocates , residents, businesses and leaders of non-profit organizations to help develop a plan focused on implementation. Norfolk’s climate change roadmap.

The Commission has focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions to further position our city as a vibrant, resilient, healthy and economically thriving city. The climate action plan includes strategies for the city to optimize its energy efficiency, use clean and renewable energy resources, and review its internal policies and practices. The climate action plan was adopted by the Council in 2019.

The commission focused on targets and strategies in the following goal areas of the plan:

  • Renewable energy production: increasing the use of renewable energy
  • Buildings and energy use/efficiency: increasing the energy efficiency of buildings and operations and reducing energy consumption
  • Transport: increase energy efficiency, use of clean energy and reduce reliance on vehicles
  • Consumption & Waste: first reduce, then reuse, then recycle
  • Food & Agriculture: Creating and promoting a sustainable food system
  • Commitment, awareness and education: environmental education and commitment

Norfolk Climate Action Plan