Looking for things to do in Calédon? City launches new tourism website to help

Whether it’s snowshoeing along the trails or visiting the local craft breweries, Caledon has never been short of tourist attractions to enjoy year round.

On December 22, the town of Caledon launched a new tourism website to help showcase the local beauty and the fun it has to offer.

The new visitcaledon.ca website has been designed for mobile use and features a variety of local businesses, destinations and unique experiences.

“We have so many excellent tourism businesses here: a wide variety of outdoor recreation opportunities, scenic landscapes and parks, as well as a diverse collection of villages with unique places to eat, stay and shop. Mayor Allan Thompson said.

“Our new website is a stunning visual representation of the best in Caledon. I invite everyone to check out activities and travel ideas for the holiday season and beyond.

The city says the visitcaledon.ca site has been completely rebuilt.

The website highlights Caledon’s outdoor destinations and activities with new videos and photos.

It also advertises activities in town by themes such as dining, agritourism, outdoor adventure, arts, heritage, golf and yes beer is a thematic option as well.

The site connects users with local businesses by directing them to their websites.

The site also offers a new feature that promotes personalization. Users can mark their favorite offers to create a personal itinerary.

The City’s tourist Instagram account @VisitCaledon is also connected to the site.