Loan / loan for PLN 10,000 – offers

A loan of USD 10,000 can be obtained both at the bank and at the loan company. Of course, a much cheaper solution will be to use the banks’ offer (go to the comparison website ), especially with the relatively high amount of USD 10,000. On the other hand, obtaining such an amount in a bank is quite difficult – people who cannot show a very good financial condition may have trouble getting a positive decision.

In this case 

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The loan company remains – getting a long-term loan (especially for such a high amount) is not as simple as it is commonly thought here – a large part of applications is rejected, but it is certainly easier to make a positive decision than at a bank. Not every non-banking company grants loans for USD 10,000.

Offers from loan companies: USD 10,000

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In terms of costs, unfortunately, one cannot distinguish a particular company – the level of costs is similar. If you want to see offers, go to the table in the installment loans comparison. If you already have one repaid loan, you can use the option of recommending the loan to your friends. This does not have to be the case for the next loan or other options. A referral is an independent, separate product that does not require any commitment on the part of the borrower. He only logs in to his profile on the company’s website and use the “earn with Jenny Credit” tab. Then he enters the phone number or email address of a friend who Jenny Credit will send an offer of free payday pay on behalf of the borrower.

If a friend decides to take a loan

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Jenny Credit will pay the referrer USD 30 directly to his bank account. Each borrower can recommend a loan to their up to 200 monthly friends! This means that you can earn up to 6,000 zlotys. It’s a really big amount that you don’t really see in any other loyalty programs. It is true that finding 200 friends who would like to take advantage of the Jenny Credit offer is not an easy thing to do, but very often the borrowers’ ingenuity and entrepreneurship can really amaze.