Instagram tracks users’ web activity through an in-app browser, complaints report

Photo: IENS

Instagram can track its users’ web activity through an in-app browser, according to a new report. According to reports, ownership of Meta photo sharing app is able to track text choices and text input of its users including passwords and other confidential details if users click on the link inside the app.
According to the analysis conducted by Felix Krause, on the iOS platform, Instagram and Facebook use their own in-app browser instead of Apple’s browser for third-party apps. Most apps use Apple’s Safari browser. However, Instagram and Facebook use their own built-in browser to load websites into the app, MacRumors reported.
Instagram and Facebook Custom Browser is based on WebKit. According to the analysis, these social media platforms inject a tracking JavaScript code named “Meta Pixel” into all displayed links and websites. The in-app browser allows the photo-sharing platform to track anything users browse on an external website without their consent or that of the website provider, the report said.
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Apparently, the tracking code is injected into every website by Instagram. It allows the social media platform to monitor all user interactions and information including credit card numbers.

Notably, meta, on its developer portal, claims that “Meta Pixel” is designed to “track visitor activity on your website”. Activity is tracked by monitoring all events a user performs in their custom browser. However, there is no evidence that Meta collected user data.

Meta is also testing end-to-end encryption for individual chats on its Messenger app. The new feature allows users to save end-to-end encrypted chats. “As with end-to-end encrypted chats, secure storage means we won’t have access to your messages unless you choose to report them to us,” IANS news agency quoted director Sara Su as saying. of product management, Messenger Trust, as saying.