ICEGATE – Guide to What is ICEGATE? & How it works?

ICEGATE is an acronym that stands for Indian Customs and Central Excise Electronic Data Interchange / Electronic Commerce (EDI / EC) Gateway. Here, the EDI and CE specifications of the central customs and excise services are fulfilled by ICEGATE. In addition, merchants, freight service providers and other customers of the service use ICEGATE, collectively referred to as business partners.

In addition, apart from business partners, other licensing and regulatory bodies use ICEGATE for communication and documentation. In addition, the Indian government is running brand new technologies to connect with people under the PM Svanidhi program.

In addition, to facilitate access for Indian taxpayers, the Indian government has introduced ICEGATE which helps citizens pay all their taxes and fees without spending their precious time physically visiting the offices.

How does ICEGATE work?

ICEGATE is an online web portal that functions as an infrastructure project, which helps fulfill a department’s electronic information exchange or e-commerce and data communication requests.

In addition, according to recent statistics, this web portal helps over 6.72 lakh importers and exporters. In addition, it has fifteen kinds of partners which operate with customs EDI to send message and expedite customs approval.

It also speeds up various electronic supports, including electronic filing of packing slip and receipt slip. In addition, ICEGATE further extends services such as –

  • Online registration means for IPRs (Intellectual Property Rights),
  • Checking IE Language Status
  • Customs EDI tracing file status
  • Electronic payment of customs fees
  • IGST refund
  • Establishment of the DEPB / DES / EPCG permit online
  • Review of information via PAN
  • Redirection to websites associated with customs activities
  • 24 hour assistance

Additionally, registering on ICEGATE can be an essential tool for import, import manifest, export, console manifest, and export manifest. In addition, only one ICEGATE certification satisfies for transactions in all or any EDI customs port. You can also upload documents to ICEGATE by email or as an attachment in any of the stipulated formats.

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Steps to register on the ICEGATE portal

  • Visit the official ICEGATE website (
  • Tap the registration link given on the main page for registration. You can also follow the service link provided to register and complete your registration profile.
  • To register or connect to the ICEGATE platform, the applicant must press the registration link.
  • The applicant must provide their IEC number, GST number and temporary password on the online web page transmitted by ICEGATE on this web page.
  • Once the declarant has filled in his specifications, he must then enter his ICEGATE username and password. The username and password will both remain at the discretion of the declarant.
  • Your ICEGATE ID must remain unique, otherwise the web page will not take it. In addition, the online portal suggests a complex password to secure your ICEGATE account.
  • Make sure to enter the same password in the password confirmation box, or you will get an error.
  • If the recorded data is changed, you will receive an OTP (One-Time Password) for authentication. In addition, the system will provide two separate OTPs; one on your cell phone number and one on your registered email id.
  • Enter the exact OTP (One Time Password) to complete your registration. Note that if you enter the wrong OTP, the web page will display an error report.
  • You can now complete your ICEGATE registration process by pressing the Finish button. Then you will receive a message like “Are you sure you want to complete automatic IEC registration”, press the yes option to complete your registration and register on the ICEGATE portal.
  • Then, if you want to change your email address or any other data on the webpage, tap on the link shown in the last corner of the webpage.
  • Once you tap on the given link, you will be given a box to enter your mobile phone number or alternate email id.
  • You will again receive an OTP (One Time Password) on your other email id or mobile phone number.
  • You need to provide GSTIN number, IEC number, mobile OTP and email OTP before clicking on Submit button.

To note: The generated OTP (One-Time Password) will expire after 2 hours of its generation.

Documents required for your ICEGATE registration

Below are the documents required for your ICEGATE registration.

  • Proof of identity with photo (Aadhaar card / voter ID card / passport)
  • Letter of Authorization / Commissioner’s Order
  • License or permit
  • F Card or G Card authorization

Benefits of using ICEGATE

With the evolution of the ICEGATE platform, the customs service has become more responsible. It also helped the customs department reduce complaints related to the delay in transporting shipments since the end of exporters and importers. Some of the most outstanding benefits of ICEGATE are listed below:

  • The ICEGATE platform speeds up the electronic filing of import and export notifications
  • Allows customs to respond to exporters and importers after assessing entry and shipping invoices.
  • The ICEGATE platform helps exporters and importers view and track the status of their document online. In addition, this online platform is convenient for asking a question and getting immediate answers.
  • The simple registration process allows the IEC holder to register on the ICEGATE platform based on IEC and GSTIN. Additionally, OTP checks for cell phone numbers and email addresses are crucial to complete the registration process. However, this process does not require you to upload the DSC and other formalities such as document upload, PAN verification and approval process.
  • To sum up, we can say that ICEGATE assists dealers, freighters and other people in the Customs Department to trace the position of supply and the status of invoices. Additionally, dealers can use this factor to their advantage. Moreover, with the information available, you can easily avail the business loan and raise funds to meet their working capital needs.
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