Hyderabad firm develops data portal for Niti Aayog

Posted: Posted Date – 10:57 PM, Tue – 17 May 22

Hyderabad: Object Technology Solutions India (OTSI), based in Hyderabad, has developed Niti Aayog’s National Data and Analytics Platform (NDAP), which was launched last week. The rated technology company was selected as the technical partner to build the portal with contributions from Niti Aayog.

The NDAP platform developed by OTSI aims to standardize data across sources and provide flexible analytics that allow users to easily analyze information using multiple datasets. The portal will help citizens, policymakers, academics, researchers, institutions, international organizations, etc. easily analyze data from all departments by merging various data sets without any hassle. The portal currently offers 203 datasets from over 47 central government ministries and agencies and 14 sectors and will add new datasets down to the village level in the future.

While many departments have public dashboards with data download options, some are available as image files while others are in PDF format, making it difficult to compile information. Analyzing data across departments is another major challenge. Data collected by various departments is inconsistent due to different standards for common indicators and these difficulties have been addressed in the NDAP.

The portal has also implemented an algorithm to track changes in data published on various departmental websites and reprocess newly available data into the NDAP platform with minimal manual intervention.

“Using specially designed algorithms, data extracted from various government portals is processed to ensure consistency of semantics so that two different data sets can be compared. This means that our software helps present government data in a user-friendly format and promote data-driven decision-making and research. To date, we have analyzed and processed over 30,000 source files from various departments and combined them into 203 datasets on NDAP,” said Chandra Talluri, CEO of OTSI.