Game publisher Smilegate establishes datasets for online hate comments

[Courtesy of Smilegate]

SEOUL — Smilegate, a South Korean game publisher, has created a dataset containing comments and hate speech online. The dataset can be used to prevent cyberbullying and online discrimination.

Cyberbullying has long been a major problem in the South Korean internet world. Popular female celebrities Sulli and Goo Hara committed suicide after being attacked by cyberbullies, including radical feminists, in 2019. At least one percent of students suffered online violence, according to South Korea’s health ministry. Education.

Smilegate said in a January 20 statement that it would work with Underscore, a knowledge content startup, to release the dataset via GitHub, a global code hosting platform, by the end of January. . The dataset can be used in many online industries, including internet games, chatbot services and online surveys.

The game’s publisher said some 550,000 data samples were collected from portal websites and online community publications over approximately 30 months from 2019 to create approximately 10,000 datasets. Smilegate said it will continue to improve its data collection capability to secure a technique that can more accurately detect hateful activity online.

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