Ferrenburg Reportedly Moved to New Hampshire But Keeps Candidate Websites Active | Idaho

TWIN FALLS — A Republican candidate for Idaho House has reportedly left Idaho.

Rocky Ferrenburg, a musician, former truck driver and holder of multiple college degrees in economics, politics and criminal justice, is moving to New Hampshire, according to a post on his personal Facebook page.

Ferrenburg posted a video of himself on Wednesday heading east on Interstate 84 to 182 on the ramp. He invited his followers to follow his progress. When asked in the comments what he was up to, he replied that he was moving to New Hampshire.

Ferrenburg did not shut down its campaign websites, however. He also did not respond to requests for comment from the Times News.

Ferrenburg’s unconfirmed departure from the state would make him ineligible to run in Idaho, though his name will still appear on the May 17 Republican primary ballot. Twin Falls County Chief Electoral Officer Valerie Varadi said Monday.

Ferrenburg’s only opponent in the primary for seat 25B of the Idaho House of Representatives is former Twin Falls councilman Greg Lanting.

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