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Facebook is releasing an all-new report of the platform’s most popular posts, responding to critics who imagine the company is intentionally opaque about its top performing content.

Facebook’s new “Widely Viewed Content Reports” will be released every three months, reflecting the top-rated news feed posts in the United States every three months – not precisely the form of real-time news monitoring that can be useful for observing increasing developments.

With the new set of information, Facebook hopes to fend off criticism that its algorithms operate in a black field. However, like her generally misleading rebuttals on blogs and the opposing units of handpicked information she shares, the company’s latest move in transparency is better than nothing, but not particularly helpful.

So what do are we being taught? According to the brand new set of information, 87% of the posts people viewed in the United States in the second quarter of this year did not contain an external link. This is remarkable, but not very revealing, as Facebook nonetheless has a huge number of people sharing and seeing hyperlinks every day.

YouTube is, as one would expect, the highest domain according to the metric chosen by Facebook for “content viewers”, which it defines as any account that has noticed some of the content on the news feed. , although we don’t get anything that is probably useful. granular information there. Amazon, Gofundme, TikTok and more in the top 10, no surprises there both.

The problems get weirder when Facebook begins to break down its most popular hyperlinks. The top 5 hyperlinks include a website for football group alumni Inexperienced Bay Packers, a random online CBD marketplace, and reppnforchrist.com, a seemingly distinguished portal for Christianity-themed graphic t-shirts. The Epoch Times subscription page, a website well known for spreading pro-Trump plots and various misinformation, is available at # 10, although it was overwhelmed by a Tumblr hyperlink to 2 cats walking around with their intertwined tails.

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Yahoo and ABC Information are the only nationwide media retailers that rank in the top 20 when news is sliced ​​and diced using this specific approach. Facebook also lists those who post the most people considered during the interval with a list of mostly benign or weird memes, as well as one that reads “If your VAGINA [cat emoji] or PENIS [eggplant emoji] was named after the last TV show / Transfer you watched what it wouldn’t be.

If you are wondering why Facebook has chosen to collect and update this body of knowledge on this particular approach, it is because the company is desperately trying to show a degree: that its platform is not overrun with political plots and controversial right-wing figures making the headlines.

The dataset is Facebook’s latest argument in its long feud with New York Occasions reporter Kevin Roose, who created a Twitter account that shows Facebook’s most participating posts each day, as measured through the monitoring device. social owned by Facebook CrowdTangle.

By the engagement metric, Facebook’s checklist of top performing jobs in the United States is typically dominated by far-right figures and websites like Newsmax, pushing election plots that Facebook would prefer to focus on. outrun.

The company maintains that the Facebook posts with probably the most interactions don’t accurately characterize the highest content on the platform. Facebook insists that acquisition information, which measures how many people see a given post, is a superior metric, but there’s no reason that engagement information isn’t also related, if not more.

“The content that is seen by most people isn’t really the content that will also get the most engagement,” Facebook wrote, in a dig clearly geared towards Roose.

The platform must emphasize political content across the board, which is not surprising given its observation paper on the amplification of Russian disinformation, militias d far-right violence and the Cease the Steal motion, which culminated in deadly violence against the U.S. Capitol in January.

As the New York Times previously reported, Facebook has really abandoned its plan to make its access information widely accessible through a public dashboard, fearing that even this model of its top performing positions would not reproduce well on the business.

Instead, the company chose to style this information in a condensed and muddled quarterly report. The result presents heaps of inexplicable junk content (no actually, what about the Packers website?), But much less in terms of politics. With Facebook’s swift gesture of transparency, however, it’s important to remember that nothing is stopping the company from letting people see a deeper and wider ranking of its hottest content. It’s not that.

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