Facebook announces new site design that roughly copies TikTok

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If your great-aunt wants her garden photos to be at the top of your feed, she’ll need to learn Adobe Premiere Pro. That’s because Facebook announced a major overhaul of its feed yesterday to capture some of the booming creator economy and its younger audience. Like every other social media company, it wants to capture the magic of TikTok.

Users’ “Home” tab will now prioritize algorithm-recommended short-form video content from creators, while posts from family and friends will appear in a separate “Stream tab”. Instagram is also adding more TikTok-like features to Reels, which was already the app’s TikTok clone.

This essentially signals the end of the News Feed, reflecting a sea change from Zuck’s dream of being a news hub. Since 2019, Facebook has paid more than $10 million a year to news outlets for content without paywalls. But on Tuesday, Facebook’s parent company Meta told employees it would reallocate resources from Facebook News and Bulletin, its independent newsletter platform for creators that just came out last year, to new creative products. video oriented.

At the end of the line : Facebook is working to transform its major leaky social media platforms while it waits for Zuck’s VR glasses to improve. The company reported its first daily user loss in its history (18 years) last February.—MM