ESTORIS e-commerce functionalities enrich customer experience before the holidays

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Mount Arlington, NJ – STORIS’s e-commerce product development team continues to keep an eye on the pulse of the industry. As home furnishings retailers prepare for the peak holiday shopping season, eSTORIS version 4.3.7 contains a range of valuable enhancements.

First, version 4.3.7 allows retailers to sell non-inventory SKUs on their websites. The goal of a retailer’s website is to expand revenue streams. One of the applications of this new functionality is to offer the sale of online services such as design consultations or 3D room plans. Another application is to sell sample samples to guests online. As many customers choose to buy exclusively online, it has become a popular trend to preview fabric options in their homes, which increases consumer confidence before ordering.

The search functionality of the eSTORIS platform has also been improved. The search logic is more flexible when generating results at the customer’s request. It uses phrase matching to ensure that more customers will get the results of their desired products, which allows for a greater range of keywords that they type in. This powerful new research will lead to reduced bounce rates.

Another beneficial addition to eSTORIS is the ability for retailers to operate two independent websites on the same framework: a publicly accessible part of the site and a restricted login guest portal. A retailer can separate a restricted part of their website by creating this content on their own store ID. This creates seamless web development for retailers whose online strategy requires a private guest portal, who want to differentiate their inventory offering between separate brands, or who want to promote exclusive content.

In addition, a change reflects a trend observed in STORIS technologies. The STORIS point of sale organizes individual products on a customer’s sales order by fulfillment method such as delivery or take-out. Now, when a customer views their current orders in their online account, their order will also be organized by fulfillment method. These groupings allow the customer to display his order by execution date and, if necessary, to reprogram all the items of the same execution in a transparent way. As an added benefit, retailers can configure their eSTORIS website so that when a customer reviews their open orders, they see additional product recommendations based on the items in their order. It’s a great way to use the Account portion of your website to generate upselling income and repeat customers.

Finally, the eSTORIS platform will be able to retrieve the shopping carts for new NextGen mobile technologies in STORIS stores. Customers will be able to complete the shopping carts generated in Mobile POS from their home.

“Providing features that enhance the customer experience on our retailers’ websites was the intent of this release, especially for the upcoming holiday shopping season which will be heavily reliant on online sales,” said Pete Dressler, e-commerce product manager for STORIS.

ESTORIS version 4.3.7 is available today. Retailers iIf you would like to learn more about e-commerce solutions from STORIS, you can request an e-commerce demo at or call 973-397-5732. STORIS also offers an eBridge Commerce API solution as well as a buying group interface to facilitate seamless integration with third-party websites.


About STORIS: Founded in 1989, STORIS continues to be the leading provider of software solutions and retail services to the furniture industry. More than 450 customers use STORIS unified commerce solution, which includes point of sale, e-commerce, mobile point of sale, CXM, inventory management, merchandising, kiosks, business intelligence, management supply chain, accounting, etc.

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