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DDI launches a free consumer portal from its data-rich Provider Ranking System™ to help patients select the best doctor for their medical procedures

We are confident that offering this service at no cost to consumers will extend and strengthen our corporate mission to improve the quality of patient care in the United States.

— Jon Seymour, MD, Medical Director, Denniston Data Inc.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas, USA, Feb. 8, 2022 / — Provider Ranking System™ (PRS), the industry’s most detailed resource for identifying and ranking medical providers for each of the services they provide, is now available with a full year of national data for free public use at

While developing the unique resource and conducting initial market research, Denniston Data realized the vast potential of PRS in the direct-to-consumer market. According to Phil Denniston, President, “There is a large and complex ecosystem that serves consumers’ need to identify and contact healthcare providers. When we observed the strong interest of patients in the direct use of PRS, we began to develop a strategy to achieve this. The result is a content- and feature-rich site that provides patients with real, unbiased, authoritative data when they need it most.

The centerpiece of the PRS model, backed by numerous published studies, is that the most experienced providers get the best results. While other physician search services compile “satisfaction ratings” that are less relevant to clinical outcomes, reflecting, for example, how the bed was handled and patient comfort, PRS allows patients to discover the most important details about providers’ clinical practices by exploring the largest available database of medical procedures performed and billed.

According to Jon Seymour, MD, Chief Medical Officer, “While no single product can cover all the ground necessary for patients to make informed treatment decisions, PRS covers a critical part of this enormous spectrum of information. Patients and families embarking on a healthcare journey will almost always determine that they want an experienced provider for the specific procedures they require. At this point, PRS will become their resource of choice. We are confident that offering this service at no cost to consumers will extend and strengthen our corporate mission to improve the quality of patient care in the United States.

In addition to benefiting healthcare consumers, the free version of PRS also offers value to healthcare providers. Physicians and other healthcare professionals who appear in the PRS database can view their listings in the Provider Ranking System™ (PRS), and they can clarify certain aspects of their public profile and add visibility to it, with links from their own websites. For more information, contact us.

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Denniston Data’s mission is to bring transparency to provider profiling, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of patient care in the US healthcare system. Denniston Data executives have together founded and built several healthcare companies based on medical databases and claims analytics. Provider Ranking System™ serves the needs of healthcare payers, referral sources to medical specialties, provider networks and hospitals, as well as marketers in pharmaceutical and medical device companies, and any person looking for medical care providers. For more information, please visit

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