Cyberattack hits government-critical sites

Two critical information sites for the government, Telex and 444, were infiltrated by cyberattacks on Thursday. The page of the liberal opposition party Momentum was also attacked by hackers. In recent days, the website of the ruling party Fidesz and the websites of pro-government media have also been attacked.

Telexthe servers of have been affected by a DDOS attack early Thursday afternoon, the portal said. On several occasions, their servers received about 20 times the usual traffic, and the unknown attackers also tried to overload their homepage. The error was later corrected by TelexThe IT team of .
Almost at the same time 444 suffered a similar attack, which rendered the site temporarily unavailable.

Previously, on Thursday morning, the site of the opposition liberal party Momentum wash it by an overload attack, which made it inaccessible. “Thanks to the protection system in place, there was no material damage, but it is a serious problem that one of the largest opposition parties is not able to inform its voters via its website ahead of the election campaign,” the party said. noted.

Last week, the website of Fidesz, the ruling party, and media supporting the ruling party were attacked by hackers. The police investigation is ongoing.

Featured photo illustration via Pixabay