CMA makes a big comeback in the UK for C2C: Country To Country Festival

CMA enthusiastically returned to the Country to Country: C2C festival last weekend in the UK with their critically acclaimed CMA Songwriter Series and Nashville Overview series. Serving as the official kickoff leading up to C2C, the CMA Songwriters Series show on Thursday, March 10 set the tone for the weekend’s festive comeback and featured performances from country artists Shy Carter, Luke Dick, Russell Dickerson and Caitlyn Smith. the CMA’s international touring series, Nashville Overviewpresented performances of Priscilla Block, Tiera Kennedy and Morgan Wade at the opening of the festival on the main stage of the O2 in London, the 3 Arena in Dublin and the OVO Hydro in Glasgow. On the ground, CMA also hosted a series of valuable networking events that renewed important relationships and forged new ones to further the development and profile of country music internationally.

During the CMA Songwriters Series, the sold-out crowd was captivated by the show’s intimate style as Carter, Dick, Dickerson and Smith performed and told the stories of trial and triumph behind the songs. . Highlights include special guests Block, Everett, Kennedy and Wade, surprising fans and joining the round, as well as the announcement that Carter and Wade would be making their Grand Ole Opry debuts, which each received standing ovations. A return to the international landscape for many artists, and a first appearance for others, Carter stressed that it was his “first UK deal” and joked with Dickerson about the words of British slang, while Dick noted that the “woos sound a bit different here. With fans praising the show as the ‘best of all time’, the show proved to be a warm welcome to the international tour and a start exciting for an action-packed C2C weekend.

This year Nashville Overview was one of a kind, as it was the first time a songwriter’s tour had been featured on a UK stage. Wade started the round, followed by Kennedy and Block, with each artist performing three songs. Throughout the shows, the band kept the packed arenas engaged and entertained, leaving fans wanting more at the end of each set.

“Being back and celebrating country music with our international fans, colleagues and industry partners has been incredibly meaningful,” says Milly Olykan, Vice President, International Relations and Development. “The energy of the crowds and general excitement throughout the weekend is a testament to how the country genre has continued to grow and reach audiences despite the challenges we have faced over the past two years. We are already counting down to next year!

A special show from the CMA Songwriters Series opens the 2022 C2C Festival in London on Thursday March 10, 2022 with performances by (LR) Luke Dick, Caitlyn Smith, Russell Dickerson and Shy Carter.
Photo Credit: Luke Dyson/AMC
CMA’s international touring series, Introducing Nashville, featured performances by (LR) Morgan Wade, Tiera Kennedy and Priscilla Block as the festival opened on the main stage of The O2 in London, from 3 Arena to Dublin and OVO Hydro in Glasgow.
Photo Credit: Luke Dyson/AMC