CCSD’s FACES program continues after families plead to save it | Education

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) – A beloved program at CCSD that is slated to end last week will now continue after audiences decline, but not without changes.

Earlier this month, FOX5 reported on CCSD’s proposal to “reimagine” community engagement, including the FACES program.

FACES, or Family and Community Engagement Services, is an outreach program that offers classes to pre-kindergarten students and their parents, especially Spanish-speaking families. These are free classes that families can’t get anywhere else.

Family after family, at the CCDS board meeting on October 14, they pleaded for the continuation of the FACES program.

Valeria Gurr translated for several families who spoke at the meeting.

“I know myself how difficult it is to have a parent who does not have a formal education, my mother did not have a formal education, so she needed all the extra support that she could. could get… them is really wrong, ”Gurr said.

Gurr said she believes there should be more of these types of programs to help parents with language barriers and children growing up in Spanish-speaking households.

Parents were told that FACES learning centers would cease to operate on Friday, October 22, and staff, mostly minority women, were told they would be reassigned.

“I don’t know what they can call it reinventing the program. Essentially, they’re shutting down a program that helps families, ”Gurr said.

About 100 repulsed, showing up at the CCSD meeting.

Jan Giles, president of the Education Support Employees Association, said public pressure has not gone unnoticed and that due to the strong show of support, the program will continue.

“They decided to keep the ten centers open… and they kept ten of the family learning advocates when there were sixteen, so they made a commitment to keep ten,” Giles said.

Employees who are no longer at FACES will be surplus, essentially reassigned elsewhere in the district. Giles still says that even with cuts the fact that FACES continues is a big win with the voice of the community making the difference.

“I don’t think anyone should be complacent and just sit back and accept what the district or whoever is telling you,” Giles said.

On the FACES website, run by CCSD, it does not specify what is happening with the program as it is still under development.

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