Building a portal for student grievances: Uttar Pradesh Governor Anandiben Patel at universities | Lucknow News

LUCKNOW: Governor Anandiben Patel on Friday called on rectors of state universities to launch a one-stop-shop system to deal with student grievances.
The portal, Patel said, is expected to resolve the issues within a limited time frame. She also said that students should be involved in various committees established for the functioning of universities.
Patel, who was watching the NAAC presentation prepared by Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth, said universities should adopt a 30% curriculum under the NEP based on local needs. Universities, Patel said, should create their research policy and upload it to their websites. The document should provide details of all facilities to be provided to students undertaking research.
Patel advised universities to undertake research on comments on various government programs (Central and State). Patel said about 30% of beneficiaries were not eligible for government programs. To combat this, we need to know the reasons and come up with solutions, she said. She added that for transparent and quality research work, universities should make optimal use of the Shodhganga portal.
The governor also insisted on developing a smart classroom and conducting online courses. She said universities should address the drawbacks reported by NAAC committees in the past.
She also asked universities to track outdoor activities, organize alumni reunions and sign agreements with industries to create jobs. She added that universities should require their students to visit prisons, nursing homes, daycares and hospitals as part of extracurricular activities for their personal development.
The governor also fought for transparency in appointments.

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