Apple releases Safari 16 with tab group customizations and new security updates

Today was a big day for Apple. Not only did it release iOS 16, but it also delivered a new update for macOS Monterey. Along with these updates, the company also released a new version of its browser, launching Safari 16 to the public.

So what does the new Safari bring? Safari 16 offers improved performance over its predecessor and also better security. Perhaps Safari’s biggest update is new tab group start page customization options. As it seems, tab groups are browser tabs that have been organized into a single group. This allows users to organize different web pages of their choice, such as having a group of tabs for work, school, or even personal websites. Grouping tabs together makes it easier to access different tabs without having to keep them all open in Safari. Now, Safari 16 users will have the option to add different backgrounds for each tab group start page, making it easier to distinguish and identify each one. Additionally, users will also be able to pin frequently visited websites to a group of tabs.

Those who use Safari on devices such as iPads and iPhones will now be able to sync settings from different websites across all connected devices. Additionally, to increase security, Apple will now allow users to change their strong passwords that are stored to meet website requirements. While the update is rolling out, Apple has a warning that features may not be available for all regions. Along with all the new things, the company has also updated the browser with new security patches. Apple fixed an issue that potentially allowed websites to track users through Safari web extensions. It also fixed three WebKit vulnerabilities which you can read in detail in the Apple website.

If you are interested in this new update, you can go to the Apple logo on your supported Mac computer and then go to System Preferences. In the System Preferences menu, navigate to the Software Update section, where you should see the option to download the new Safari 16 update. update will be installed.