Abdalla Alshamsi Accelerates Abgulf’s Engine to Make a Big Mark in the Recruitment Industry by 2025

Every day that passes, Abdalla Alshamsi enriches the functionalities of his job search site. In order to achieve its long term goal in the coming year 2025 which is to take control of the global recruitment industry and rank number 1 in the world.

Abdalla Alshamsi not only aims to make Abgulf one of the largest job search portals in the world, but also wants to make it worthwhile. So he leads his talented team of IT professionals to pack his website with all the latest technologies and refinement features.

Looking at the latest advancements in the IT industry, Abdalla Alshamsi aims to incorporate artificial intelligence into his website so that he can automatically select candidates by scanning several parameters of their CVs to bring out the best-suited candidates among millions more in milliseconds to make it easy for recruiters and vice versa.

Some changes are also made to the overall framework of the website to make it more interactive, enjoyable and easy to use.

Abdalla Alshamsi loosely laid the foundation for Abgulf shortly after the first corona wave dampened. Looking at opportunities in the recruitment industry after seeing millions of vacancies rendered due to a shortage of employees globally. This deficit was triggered after workers migrated to their home countries for safety during the first wave of the pandemic.

Although the idea started vaguely but seeing an almost instant success and familiarity of Abgulf among the masses, Abdalla Alshamsi decided to dive deeper and invest more of his money and time in this endeavor.

Over time, seeing the impact this has had and gauging the public response, Abdalla aims to make Abgulf the number one job search platform worldwide by 2025 and make it a contender main for websites like LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor. , et cetera that are prevalent these days but certainly don’t honestly work for the purpose they came into being.