20 YouTube channels, two websites suppressed under IT law for ‘anti-Indian’ propaganda: report, India News News

Citing for the first time the recently notified intermediary guidelines and the code of ethics for digital media under the Information and Technology (IT) Act, 20 YouTube channels and two websites were banned by the government Indian for allegedly spreading “anti-Indian” propaganda from Pakistan, according to reports.

According to the Economic Times (ET) newspaper, which cited sources, Information and Broadcasting Secretary (I&B) Apurva Chandra wrote to YouTube and the Department of Telecommunications asking them to immediately block content that infringes to the sovereignty and integrity of India.

According to reports, the content was “blasphemous” in nature and was funded by Pakistani spy agency Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

It was first reported by Indian security agencies, after which the I&B department carried out an investigation.

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Among the deleted sites was “Naya Pakistan”, which had more than two million subscribers on YouTube. He is said to have broadcast “fake news” on issues such as Kashmir, farmers’ protests against farm laws and Ayodhya.

Another portal that has been banned is “Naya Pakistan Group”, which operated over 15 channels on YouTube and had over one million subscribers.

According to reports, the channel broadcast content such as “Prime Minister Modi concedes defeat in Kashmir; Article 370 is reinstated “,” Taliban army leaves Kabul for India “,” Taiyyap Erdogan sends 35,000 mercenaries to Kashmir “, and” Turkish army enters Ayodhya Ram Mandir for revenge “- all seen by the ministry as an “effort to sow unrest in India”.

Under Article 16 of the IT Rules, the I & B Department can block content deemed “necessary or expedient and justifiable to block”.

Officials said the decision to ban and block these channels and websites would be presented to the Interdepartmental Committee (IDC) within 48 hours, after which it would be ratified by a committee under the IT rules of 2021, ET reported. .

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